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Treating Everyone With Respect

Official Code of Ethics

The company, I GET IT, INC in Fairburn, Georgia, subscribes to the standards set by the Direct Selling Association of America. We make no claim as being a member of the “Direct Selling Association (“DSA”), at this time.

DSA recognizes that companies engaged in direct selling assume certain responsibilities toward consumers arising out of the personal-contact method of distribution of their products and services.

I GET IT, INC “hereby sets forth the basic fair and ethical principles and practices to which all staff and employees, agents, and associates and specifically all INFORMED TEAM MEMEBERS shall continue to adhere to in the conduct of their business. (as stipulated by The Direct Selling Association of America)

A. Code of Conduct

1. Deceptive or Unlawful Consumer or Recruiting Practices 

a. No employee of the Company or INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBER shall engage in any deceptive, false, unethical or unlawful consumer or recruiting practice. All parties associated with the Company shall ensure that no statements, promises or testimonials are made that are likely to mislead consumers or prospective INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBERS.

b. All Company staff, agents, and associates together with all INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBERS must comply with all requirements of law (to include local, state, and federal laws).

c. Information provided by the Company and its INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBERS to prospective or current INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBERS concerning the opportunity and related rights and obligations shall be accurate and complete.

INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBERS shall not make any factual representation to prospective INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBERS that cannot be verified or make any promise that cannot be fulfilled. The companies and INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBERS shall not present any selling opportunity to any prospective INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBER in a false, deceptive or misleading manner.

d. The Company and INDEPENDENT NETWORK TEAM MEMBERS shall not induce a person to purchase products or services based upon the representation that a consumer can recover all or part of the purchase price by referring other consumers, if such reductions or recovery are in violation of applicable referral sales laws.

f. The Company shall provide to INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBERS either a written agreement to be signed by both the Company and the INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBER, or a written statement containing the essential details of the relationship between the INFORMED TEAM NETWORK MEMBER (hereafter ITNM) and the Company (hereafter IGI). IGI shall inform ITNM of their legal obligations, including their responsibility to handle any applicable licenses, registrations and taxes.

g. IGI shall provide ITNM with periodic accounts including, as applicable, sales, purchases, details of earnings, commissions, bonuses, discounts, deliveries, cancellations and other relevant data, in accordance with IGI’s arrangement with the ITNM All monies due shall be paid and any withholdings made in a commercially reasonable manner.

h. ITNM shall respect any lack of commercial experience of consumers. ITNM shall not abuse the trust of individual consumers, or exploit a consumer’s age, illness, handicap, lack of understanding or unfamiliarity with a language.

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2. Products, Services, and

Promotional Materials

a. The offer of products or services for sale by IGI and ITNM shall be accurate and truthful as to price, grade, quality, make, value, performance, quantity, currency of model and availability. All product claims made by IGI and ITNM must be substantiated by competent and reliable evidence and must not be misleading. A consumer’s order for products and services shall be fulfilled in a timely manner.

b. Neither IGI nor ITNM shall make misleading comparisons of another company’s direct selling opportunity, products or services. Any comparison must be based on facts that can be objectively and adequately substantiated by competent and reliable evidence. Neither IGI nor ITNM shall denigrate any other company, business, product or service—directly or by implication— in a false or misleading manner and shall not take unfair advantage of the goodwill attached to the trade name and symbol of any company, business, product or service.

c. Promotional literature, advertisements and mailings shall not contain product descriptions, claims, photos or illustrations that are false, deceptive or misleading. (Promotional literature shall contain the name and address or telephone number of the member company and may include the telephone number of the ITNM).

d. ITNM shall offer consumers accurate information regarding: price, credit terms; terms of payment; a cooling-off period, including return policies; terms of guarantee; after-sales service; and delivery dates. ITNM’s shall give understandable and accurate answers to questions from consumers. To the extent claims are made with respect to products, independent salespeople shall make only those product claims authorized by IGI.

3. Terms of Sale

a. A written order or receipt shall be delivered to the consumer at or prior to the time of the initial sale. In the case of a sale made through the mail, telephone, Internet, or other non-face-to-face means, a copy of the order form shall have been previously provided, be included in the initial order, or be provided in printable or downloadable form through the Internet. The order form must set forth clearly, legibly and unambiguously:

1. Terms and conditions of sale, including the total amount the consumer will be required to pay, including interest, service charges and fees, and other costs and expenses as required by federal and state law;

2. Identity of IGI and the ITNM, including the full name, permanent address and telephone number of IGI or the ITNM, and all-material terms of the sale; and

3. Terms of a guarantee or a warranty, details and any limitations of after-sales service, the name and address of the guarantor, the length of the guarantee, and the remedial action available to the consumer. Alternatively, this information may be provided with other accompanying literature provided with the product or service.

b. IGI and ITNM shall offer a written, clearly stated cooling off period permitting the consumer to withdraw from a purchase order within a minimum of three business days from the date of the purchase transaction and receive a full refund of the purchase price.

c. IGI and ITNM’s offering a right of return, whether-or-not conditioned upon certain events, shall provide it in writing.

4. Warranties and Guarantees

The terms of any warranty or guarantee offered by the seller in connection with the sale shall be furnished to the buyer in a manner that fully conforms to federal and state warranty and guarantee laws and regulations. The manufacturer, distributor, and/or seller shall fully and promptly perform in accordance with the terms of all warranties and guarantees offered to consumers. 

5. Identification and Privacy

a. At the beginning of sales presentations ITNM shall truthfully and clearly identify themselves, their company, the nature of their company’s products or services, and the reason for the solicitation. Contact with the consumer shall be made in a polite manner and during reasonable hours. A demonstration or sales presentation shall stop upon the consumer’s request.

b. IGI and ITNM’s shall take appropriate steps to safeguard the protection of all private information provided by a consumer, ITNM or prospective ITNM. 

6. Pyramid Schemes

IGI does not operate a “pyramid scheme” and shall be in compliance in accordance with applicable federal, state and/or local law or regulation. 

7. Earnings and Representations

a. IGI must comply with, and obligate ITNM’s to also comply with, the following standards:

1. Earnings representations and sales figures must be truthful, accurate, and presented in a manner that is not false, deceptive or misleading.

2. Current and prospective ITNM’s must be provided with sufficient information to understand that:

a) Actual earnings can vary significantly depending upon time committed, skill level and other factors;

b) Not everyone will achieve the represented level of income; and

c) Such amounts are before expenses, if any.

3. Current and prospective ITNM’s must be provided with sufficient information to enable a reasonable evaluation of the opportunity to earn income.

4. If a specific ITNM’s commission or bonus payments are included in an earnings representation, any distributions made for those payments to others in the sales organization must be disclosed or deducted from the figure(s) used.

5. Any sales and earnings representations must be documented and substantiated. IGI and ITNM’s must maintain such documentation and substantiation, making it available to the Administrator upon written request.

6. Industry-wide—including DSA-produced—financial, earnings or performance information cannot be used as the primary source in documenting or substantiating IGI’s or ITNM’s representations. Such information can, however, be used in a general manner.

8. Training and Materials

a. IGI shall provide adequate training to enable ITNM’s to operate ethically. Such training should include the scope of permissible representations especially the parameters regarding product claims, inventory purchases and earnings representations.

b. IGI shall prohibit ITNM’s from marketing or requiring the purchase by others of any materials that are inconsistent with IGI’s policies and procedures.

c. ITNM’s selling IGI-approved promotional or training materials, whether in hard copy or electronic form, shall:

1. Use only materials that comply with the same standards used by IGI,

2. Not make the purchase of such materials a requirement of other ITNM’s,

3. Provide such materials at not more than the price at which similar material is available generally in the marketplace, and

4. Offer a written return policy that is the same as the return policy of IGI the ITNM represents.

d. IGI shall take diligent, reasonable steps to ensure that promotional or training materials produced by their ITNM’s comply with the provisions of this Code and are not false, misleading or deceptive. 

B. Responsibilities and Duties

1. Prompt Investigation and No Independent Contractor Defense

a. IGI shall establish, publicize and implement complaint handling procedures to ensure prompt resolution of all complaints.

b. In the event any consumer shall complain that the ITNM offering for sale the products or services of IGI has engaged in any improper course of conduct pertaining to the sales presentation of its goods or services, ,IGI shall promptly investigate the complaint and shall take such steps as it may find appropriate and necessary under the circumstances to cause the redress of any wrongs that its investigation discloses to have been committed.

c. Any IGI employee, staff, associate or agent will be considered responsible for Code violations by their ITNM where the Administrator finds, after considering all the facts that are in violation of the Code has occurred.

For the purposes of this Code, in the interest of fostering consumer protection, IGI shall voluntarily not raise the independent contractor status of ITNM their products or services under its trademark or trade name as a defense against Code violation allegations, provided, however, that such action shall not be construed to be a waiver of IGI’ right to raise such defense under any other circumstance.

d. IGI should be diligent in creating awareness among their employees and/or the independent salespeople marketing the member company’s products or services about the member company’s obligations under the Code.

e. ITNM’s are not bound directly by this Code, but as a condition of participation in IGI’s distribution system, shall be required by IGI with whom they are affiliated to adhere to rules of conduct meeting the standards of this Code.

f. This Code is not Law, but its obligations require a level of ethical behavior from IGI’s employees, staff, agents, and associates and ITNM’s that is consistent with applicable legal requirements. Failure to comply with this Code does not create any civil law responsibility or liability.

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