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A Business With a Clear Sense of Purpose

Company History

If you are old enough, remember, if you will, the 1980s and the movie, The Blues Brothers! If you are not that old, surely you have seen the movie at least once by now and remember one line that runs throughout the length of the film.

Whenever Jake and Elwood approached an original member of the “band”, and they were asked, “Why are you getting the band back together again?” They would answer, “We’re on a mission from God!”

The founder of I GET IT, INC is not so presumptuous as to assume a celestial mandate, but as some unknown author has written, “If the shoe fits…”

About the same time as The Blues Brothers was released to theaters, an established direct seller, an accredited research chemist, and a former manager with a Fortune 100 company joined forces under a company banner and developed a multi-purpose cleaner that was decades ahead of its time.

(The name of the company and the name of that product are being withheld because other copycat products are now on the market and we collectively refuse to give them any mention here.)

Formulated to be biodegradable, it contained no phosphates or solvents. That product was tested by independent laboratories such as law engineers and certified by the US Department of Agriculture for use in poultry plants as a cleaning agent.

Sold as a concentrate, that product allowed end users to adjust the amount of product mixed with water to literally clean most surfaces inside and outside the home without adverse affects to the environment.

Finding applications for removing stubborn stains and grease and oil from carpets to automobile tires and wheels, to spot cleaning laundry before adding the garment to the wash, to handily dispatching blood and grass stains, the product did it all!

That product was sold direct to consumers door-to-door from Florida to Connecticut on a scheduled annual trek. Over the years, more than 250,000 units were sold with a 100% guarantee experiencing less than 1% in refunds annually. Success eventually led the founders into other endeavors and those left with running the company simply fizzled.

Fast forward to today, enter Jake and Elwood Blues. Two of the original band members are back together again! This time with a new “green product” line and a serious mandate: To save the planet!

How do you eat an elephant? The answer is, “one bite at a time!”

How do you start a journey of a thousand miles? The answer is, “one step at a time!”

How do you stop wasting water, and reduce the flow of solid waste into landfills and the oceans of the world? And the answer is, “start by looking in the mirror, i.e. “I.”

I GET IT Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a brand new and appropriate for these times. It is certified “green” and meets the standards set by the chemical industry. The answer is complete. Use I GET IT CLEAN inside and outside the house. It allows you to conserve water by using only what is needed, when it is needed, and replaces all those other water-based products currently taking up space at your house.

It all stores in one convenient I GET IT CLEAN KIT. All the I GET IT CLEAN packaging is designed for continuous re-use. When you are done with the package, you get to take a final step in protecting the planet - I GET IT RECYCLED!

So, the band is back together, and we invite you to join the Informed Team Network. Contact us in Fairburn, Georgia for details.

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