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Protecting the Environment at All Times

Five Steps to Making a Difference

At I GET IT, INC we believe that saving the environment starts at home and with each one of us. Because it all begins with “I.”

Contact us in Fairburn, Georgia to learn more.

Think Green

Get informed. Once you become informed and have obtained knowledge, you are empowered to act. The planet is in trouble because of how natural resources are being plundered and destroyed and humans are choking the life from the oceans of the world just to handle all the waste. 

Act Green

We must all do our part to act responsibly and with knowledge of how those actions can impact ecological systems always in mind. The products distributed by I GET IT, INC. are designed to address the problem one person (starting with “I”) and one household at a time.

We are building an Internet portal to allow for continuing education and to “inform a team (IT)” of consumers how to start at home and make a difference. Not only can the team learn, they can also act as stewards and reach out in their communities to inform others. And perhaps the best part, the team earns as they learn!

All consumers are familiar with product rebates and credit cards that offer points and incentives. The products distributed by I GET IT, INC. are distributed exclusively through authorized informed team (IT) members.

Every purchaser of I GET IT, INC. products can enroll in the IT program. Once a member, they can share and demonstrate their insights to others. Every purchaser they introduce to I GET IT, INC is credited to their account (downline) and those purchases provide commissions and residuals back to the IT member for as long as they remain an active team member. The effects of acting green continue to multiply.

Acting Green

• Conserve Water – Use Only What Is Needed and When It Is Needed

• Reduce Solid Waste – Reuse Containers Over and Over

• Use Environmentally Safe “I GET IT Cleaning Products  

If every IT member uses less water annually; uses only one household cleaner instead of a shelf full of different products; and the product(s) used are environmentally neutral; and instead of discarding solid waste packaging, the packaging is designed to be re-used, then the ecological impact becomes measurable, as does the earnings potential of the IT member.

Every purchase associated with the assigned account number pays commissions back to the IT member. Aggressive and creative IT members will generate an income stream to help support their lifestyles and make dreams come true.

I GET IT CLEAN Multi-Purpose Cleaner,


IT members don’t collect payments or stockpile products. Every aspect of the delivery system is handled online

Buyers can only access the ordering system if they have been authorized by an IT member. Once in the system, they can unlock the story behind all our products, place initial orders, order refills, resolve customer service issues, review up to date articles and research on pollution and the effects on the environment, and even enroll in the informed team. 

We are always available for instructions on cleaning stubborn dirt and stains or for suggestions on how to tackle tough cleaning jobs around the living space.

Join the Informed Team

Want to learn, earn and save the planet? Build your own network of entrepreneurs.

Build Your Downline

Each one reaches one and each one teaches another as commissions and residuals flow back to you!

I GET IT completes the ordering process and ensures that you are doing your part to save the planet. For the products we distribute, if you can’t find a re-cycling bin, return it to I GET IT, INC. We will be sure it never shows up in a landfill or clogs the oceans of the world.

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